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Sampling Systems

Single Coil Sample Cooler

Chemical Single Coil Sampling Cooler

A Dopak single coil, tube/shell type sample cooler is an effective and efficient heat exchanger. The
compact design of this sample cooler makes it easy to install, next to a Dopak sampling system mounted on a stainless
steel support plate. The sample cooler protects the sampling system against high temperatures and ensures safe

Features single coil, tube/shell type sample cooler:
• Compact single coil design
• High cooling capacity
• A wide variety of exotic alloys is available for corrosion resistance

Specifications single coil, tube/shell type sample cooler:
Part number  2011648
Description  Dopak sample cooler
Connection process 1/4“ tube 
Connection coolant 3/8” F NPT
Tube/shell material SS316 (L)

Maximum allowable working pressure (Coil): 235 bar@350 °C
Minimum design metal temperature (Coil): -48 °C@355 bar
Maximum allowable working pressure (Jacket): 24 bar@148 °C
Minimum design metal temperature (Jacket): -48 °C@24 bar

Options single coil, tube/shell type sample cooler:
• Temperature indicator
• (Throttling) Needle valve
• Block valves and / or drain valves
• Thermal relief valve
• Exotic alloy tube and shell material (Including but not limited to Monel,
  Hastelloy, (Super)Duplex, Alloy 625/825)

• ½” Single coil sample coolers
• Pipe spec. sample coolers (1/2”, 3/4” or 1” size available

Dopak sample coolers are exempt from CE marking per Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
97/23/EC. The vessels are below or equal to the limits set forth in Article 3, Sections 1.1, 1.2,
1.3 and section 2 as applicable and are designed and manufactured in accordance with Sound
Engineering Practice (SEP). Specifically, the vessels meet the general requirements of the ASME
Section VIII, Division 1 Boiler And Pressure Vessel Code. The nameplate will bear the name of
Dovianus B.V. and safety instructions will be included per Article 3, Section 3.