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Sampling Systems

Sample Cylinders

An extensive range sample cylinders are available, suited for sample collection, safe transport and chromatographic lab analysis. The sample cylinders are available in different
volumes and material of construction. Cylinders are used for samples with high vapour phase, gas and liquefied gas.

Standard sample cylinders are equipped with a needle valve on each side of the cylinder, a set of quick connect couplings and a carrying handle.
Depending on which type of sampling system the cylinders are used, an outage tube, an additional safety cylinder or bypass line can be fitted onto the sample cylinder. Also safety features for overpressure protection
such as a relief valve or a rupture disc are optional. Internal cylinder surfaces can be glass coated or coated with PTFE to provide a nonstick surface, which aids in cleaning.

Cylinder body material options may include:
• SS304 (L) (Standard)
• SS316 (L)
• M400 (Monel)
• HC276 (Hastelloy)
• I825 (Incoloy)
• I625 (Inconel)

• Standard
• Outage tube
• Bypass line
• Bypass line with outage tube
• Additional safety cylinder.

Standard volumes:
• 75 cc
• 150 cc
• 300 cc
• 500 cc
• 1000 cc
• 2250 cc
• 1 gallon (3785 cc)

Standard testing:
• TPED approval
• DOT 3A / 3E / 4B certification