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Sampling Systems

S32-LG Bypass Purge Cylinder Configuration (F5)

The ability to purge the sample point ensures optimal retrieval of a representative liquefied gas sample. The S32-LG type sampler in bypass purge cylinder configuration provides a system purge in addition to sampling in a sample cylinder with predefined filling rate. The predefined filling rate is achieved by using an expansion chamber. This liquefied gas sampler is equipped with a purge facility to enable purging of the sample cylinder connections with an inert gas. The unique design offers one-handle operation by multiple valves. These features provide sample accuracy, safety for the operator and zero emission. This sampler type is suitable for liquefied gas and liquid with high vapor phase.

1. Off2. System Purge3. Expansion4. Vent/Purge5. Off

Install the sample cylinder and connect the flexible hose to the bottom side of the sample cylinder. Open the needle valves of the sample cylinder.

Turn the handle to the “process” position allowing the sample cylinder to be filled. To ensure representative sampling, this position can be held for any required time.

Turn handle to the “expansion” position. The internal connection between the sample cylinder and the expansion chamber has now been made. Maintain this position for any required time to enable the fluid to divide over the sample cylinder and expansion chamber. Close the two needle valves of the sampling cylinder.

Open the valve on the purge facility to open the valve in the purge line. The expansion chamber and sample cylinder connections are being purged with an inert gas to the vent connection. This position can be held for any required time.

Turn both handles in the “off” position. Disconnect the flexible hose. Remove the sample cylinder.