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Sampling Systems

S32 Back Purge Configuration, With Vacuum Connection (E1)

The ability to create a vacuum in the sample bottle by a connection to a vacuum source ensures optimal retrieval of a representative liquid sample from processes at vacuum conditions or atmospheric pressure. The S32 type of sampler in back purge configuration allows a gas to purge the sampler and process connection prior to sampling ensuring a fresh sample. This liquid sampler offers one handle operation by multiple valves. These features provide sample accuracy, safety for the operator and zero emission.

1. Off2. Back Purge3. Sample4. Off

Provide a new septum on your sample bottle. Insert the bottle, with cap and septum into the bottom part of the bayonet sleeve. Connect the bottom part of the bayonet sleeve to the upper part, move the bottom part upwards and lock it by turning it in the slot, in the top end position.

Turn the handle to the "back purge" position, allowing a flow of purge gas through the sampler to the process to ensure representative sampling. This position can be held for any required time. 

Turn the handle to the "sample" position allowing the vacuum to be connected to the vent outlet of the needle assembly to create vacuum in the sample bottle. The product flows into the sample bottle. When the required amount has been taken, turn the handle into the "off" position.

Move the bottom part of the bayonet sleeve slightly upwards, turn it and pull it out from the upper part. The septum reseals automatically. Take the bottle out from the bottom part of the bayonet sleeve.