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Sampling Systems

DPJ Fixed Volume Configuration (C2)

The ability to provide a jet purge adapter to a piston (RAM) type sampling valve ensures optimal retrieval of a representative sample of high viscosity liquids. The DPJ type sampler in fixed volume configuration allows purging of the sample outlet of the valve to eliminate dead volume in addition to a fixed sample volume. The jet purge adapter has two flow paths. The first flow path allows the product to flow into the sample bottle and the second flow path enables the jet purge adapter to be purged with an inert gas. This liquid sampler is operator friendly and provides zero emission.

1. Off2. Purge3. Sample4. Off

Provide a new septum on your sample bottle. Insert the sample bottle, with cap and septum into the sleeve until the septum is pierced by the needles. Put the bottle retaining clip in place.

Open the piston valve allowing the product to flow into the sample chamber. The fixed volume chamber and process pressure determines the amount of sample. Close the piston valve.

Open the purge valve and the block valve between needle assembly and jet purge adapter. The inert gas will assist the sample into the bottle and will purge the sampler. This position can be held for any required time.

Close the purge valve. Remove the bottle retaining clip and pull the bottle out from the sleeve. The septum reseals automatically.