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Sampling Systems

Piston valve liquid samplers (DPJ Series)

Liquid sampler to take representative samples of liquids with higher viscosity by using piston (RAM type) valves. Outlet of sample valve will be purged to ensure zero dead volume and a clean sampler after sampling. The DPJ type samplers are built from high quality stainless steel. Installation by means of a threaded connection or a flange. Easy to use samplers providing optimum safety for the operator and the environment. Other purge options such as solvent purge are available.


  • Liquids at low and elevated pressure
  • Closed sampling with lower vapour pressure (P = < 0,7 bar)
  • Fixed volume
  • Corrosive, hazardous liquids
  • (High) Viscous fluids, slurries
  • Zero emission sampling from pipelines, tanks, reactors
  • Vacuum conditions
  • High temperature (cooling jacket)