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Sampling Systems

Liquefied gas samplers (S32-LG Series)

Liquefied gas (LPG) sampler with externally coupled valves to take respresentative samples of liquefied gases or liquids. The S32-LG type samplers are built from high quality stainless steel. Installation by means of threaded connections, compression fittings or flanges. Optionally the sample cylinders can be equipped with an internal outage.

Easy to use samplers with one handle operation providing optimum safety for the operator and the environment. The S32-LG type samplers are standard equipped with a manual handle and mounted on a stainless steel support plate. Spring return handles and purge options are available.


  • Predefined sample volume 
  • Closed sampling of liquefied gas 
  • Fixed external outage (expansion chamber) 
  • High vapour pressure liquids 
  • Zero quick connect vapour release 
  • Sample cylinder with additional safety expansion cylinder