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About our cookie policy

Everything Dopak Inc. / Dovianus BV does is aimed at providing you as a visitor with the best possible information. To this end, we use so-called cookies and pixels. We only make use of anonymous analytical cookies and functional cookies which do not need a cookie wall agreement according the GDPR. Below you will read about these cookies.

Google Analytics
We use the Google Analytics pixel; however, we have rendered the information it analyses completely anonymous. By default, your IP address is anonymised, and we do not share this information with any third parties, including Google. We do not create profiles based on user behaviour for marketing purposes and we do not keep your data on multiple devices.

  • These cookies are stored for a maximum of two years.
  • Here you can read more about how Google handles your data.

This webshop uses TYPO3 cookies. These cookies do not share personal information and are only intended for our website to function properly. They allow our website to remember which language you have selected and whether you are logged in. These cookies are stored for a maximum of one year.

Contact and questions
Do you have questions about our cookie policy or would you like your data to be modified? Please contact us via the contact page. We will make sure that your information is updated within one month.