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Global reach

Dovianus offers a worldwide network of highly skilled professionals to meet the needs of our customers locally. Our network of professionals is supported by our sampling experts at Dovianus BV headquarters in the Netherlands and our company Dopak PFT Corp. in the United States. The support teams have a global reach, offering our customers around the world a fast and adequate response to their specific demands.

Offering centralized sampling expertise with local support

As a customer, you will benefit from our centralized sampling expertise in combination with the support of a local distributor. The local distributor knows the challenges you face in your specific market and offers a customized sampling solution. Our distributors use the latest technology for design, manufacturing and sales support. This enables them to promptly and efficiently respond to your orders and requests for information.

Wherever in the world you are, you can rely on our specialized advice and support for choosing the right sampling system that fits your needs.

Find your local sampling system distributor here.