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Dovianus develops, produces and markets sampling systems for liquids, gases and liquefied gases under the name Dopak. We are respected for our sampling systems in the international chemical and petrochemical industries. Dopak closed vent samplers allow you to safely take samples of toxic, dangerous and volatile substances, without any danger for your operators or the environment.

Dovianus established in 1926

In 1926 Dovianus began as an instrumentation and equipment manufacturer. In the late 1970s the demand for environmentally safe sampling systems increased spectacularly. We saw and acknowledged this trend and decided to focus on the development, production and marketing of sampling systems. Soon, Dopak sampling systems became the international standard for performance and quality in closed loop and closed vent sampling systems.

Dopak Inc. established in 1981

 Dovianus is now the expert in sampling systems worldwide. Dovianus' headquarters are in Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands. In 1981 we established Dopak Inc. in Houston, Texas, to offer our many North American customers local access to our sampling system expertise.